The Motherhen Vision

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Over the years, the role an average African Woman plays in the development of their family and community cannot be overemphasized. Many of these women rose to become individual “SHEROES” to their wards having gone through unforeseen circumstances to survive and keep their immediate family afloat. 

This responsibilities keeps evolving with age and time.  The MOTHER HEN PROJECT was inspired to capture this sterling moments in still and motion pictures taking Africa’s true Strength and Pride to the world and showcasing History.

 Empowering the younger generation with requisite knowledge by recognizing the labors of African Mothers in building Families with strong moral and cultural values.



Document, share and support the thriving spirit of an African Woman as a platform to promote social/cultural
values, empowerment and community development.




To travel the length and breath of African communities capturing moments and telling stories of day to day endeavor’s of the African woman and show casing them to the world.



The MOTHER HEN PROJECT will set the tone for the actualization of the following:

– Support the thriving spirit of the African Woman, Document historic feats and activities that mothers engaged in that supported family values, growth and development.

– Set up counseling and support center for helping and rehabilitating women with disposed or deformed abilities.

 – Empower women whose effort over the years didn’t pay off to afford the standard of lives they deserve. 

– Publication of THRIVING MAGAZINE…designed to tell stories of triumph through pictures.